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David Fagelson Associate Professor Department of Justice, Law & Criminology

DPhil, Oxford University
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MPhil, Oxford University
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JD, University of Michigan
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BA, Wesleyan University

Professor Fagelson's research interests include ethical issues in law, politics and international relations as well as jurisprudence and and political theory.

He has published one book on the nature of justice in an interpretive theory of law and co authored another about international legal development and the problem of corruption. Professor Fagelson has also written numerous articles in journals of law and politics addressing issues such as the ethical obligations of lawyers to serve the poor, the constitution and national security, and the ethical foundations of sovereignty in international law. He has also published in philosophy journals on questions such as the role of tolerance in the concept of law and the moral basis of american constitutionalism.

Before coming to American, he practiced law. He then became a foreign legal adviser under the auspices of USAID, The World Bank, and other international organizations, to both donors and donee government officials, lawyers and journalists from Russia to Cambodia. He worked mainly on issues of corruption and the creation of legal institutions in the post Communist transition. Courses that Professor Fagelson teaches include Concept of Justice, Law and Social Theory, American Legal Culture and Law and Human Rights.
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Spring 2024

  • JLC-302 Law and Social Theory

  • JLC-410 Topics in Legal Theory: Foundations of Knowledge

  • JLC-720 Proseminar in Law and Society