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Seth Gershenson Professor Department of Public Administration and Policy

Seth Gershenson holds a PhD from Michigan State University in Economics with a primary focus on education policy. While at Michigan State, he taught several courses and received an Outstanding Teaching award. Professor Gershenson has also been honored with the New Scholar Award by the American Education Finance Association. His approach to teaching and scholarship is to apply economic approaches to practical, policy-driven questions in public education, specifically teacher behavior. Professor Gershenson teaches Quantitative Methods, Managerial Economics, and Economics for Policy Analysis to MPA and MPP students.

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Spring 2024

  • PUAD-602 Quant Meth for Pol Analysis II

  • PUAD-630 Public Managerial Economics

  • PUAD-630 Public Managerial Economics

  • PUAD-685 Topics in Policy Analysis/Mgmt: Education/American Policy Syst

  • PUAD-898 Doctoral Continuing Enrollment

  • PUAD-899 Doctoral Dissertation

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Selected Publications


Gershenson, Seth, Hart, Cassandra M. D., Lindsay, Constance A., & Papageorge, Nicholas. 2017. The Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers. IZA Discussion Paper No. 10630.

Holt, Stephen B., & Gershenson, Seth. 2017. The impact of teacher demographic representation on student attendance and suspensions. In Press, Policy Studies Journal.

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Gershenson, Seth, & Hayes, Michael S. 2017. Police shootings, civic unrest, and student achievement: Evidence from Ferguson. In Press, Journal of Economic Geography.

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Gershenson, Seth. 2013. Do summer time-use gaps vary by socioeconomic status? American Educational Research Journal, 50(6): 1219-1248.

Gershenson, Seth. 2013. "The causal effect of commute time on labor supply: Evidence from a natural experiment involving substitute teachers." Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 54: 127-140.

Gershenson, Seth. 2012. “How do substitute teachers substitute? An empirical study of substitute-teacher labor supply,” Economics of Education Review, 31(4): 410-430.