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David Rosenbloom Distinguished Prof Emeritus Department of Public Administration and Policy

PhD University of Chicago
MA University of Chicago
BA Marietta College
Honorary Doctor of Laws Marietta College

David H. Rosenbloom received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Chicago in 1969. He joined American University’s faculty as Distinguished Professor of Public Administration in 1990. Other fulltime or substantial visiting faculty appointments include the following universities: Kansas, Tel Aviv, Vermont, Syracuse, City University of Hong Kong, Hebrew, Renmin University of China (Beijing), and Hong Kong. Rosenbloom specializes in constitutional-administrative law, administrative theory, history, reform, and personnel management. A major contributor to the field of public administration and a National Academy of Public Administration Fellow, his numerous awards include the Whittington Award for excellent teaching, Gaus Award for exemplary scholarship in political science and public administration, Waldo Award for outstanding contributions to the literature and leadership of public administration, Levine Award for excellence in public administration, and Brownlow Award for his book, Building a Legislative-Centered Public Administration: Congress and the Administrative State, 1946-1999.

Rosenbloom is editor of the Routledge Series in Public Administration and Public Policy. Previously he was editor-in-chief of Public Administration Review and coeditor of Policy Studies Journal. His editorial service includes appointment to the editorial boards of about 40 academic journals and presses. Rosenbloom has over 320 academic publications and has delivered more than 200 invited lectures and keynotes at universities, public agencies, think tanks, and related institutions. Republications of his work have been selected for inclusion in some 60 scholarly anthologies.

Rosenbloom’s text, Public Administration: Understanding Management, Politics, and Law in the Public Sector, was ranked the fifth most influential book published in public administration from 1990-2010. He is identified as the "most prominent" author "being co-cited by law and public administration articles in the last 20 years [1999-2019]" in Administration & Society, American Review of Public Administration, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, and Public Administration Review.

Rosenbloom was appointed to the 1992 Clinton-Gore Presidential Transition Team for the Office of Personnel Management; his research has been cited for authority by the U.S. Supreme Court; he has testified before U.S. Senate Committees; and his coauthored book, Bureaucratic Culture: Citizens and Administrators in Israel, was a focus of discussion in a session of the Israeli Knesset. He retired as Distinguished Professor Emeritus on September 1, 2022. He can be reached by email at
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