Key Webinar Wednesdays

Although this complimentary online series has concluded, you can watch all recorded sessions anytime!
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About the Series

The Key Webinar Wednesdays series began as a way for Key to help the public service community cope with the ongoing public health crisis, offering free live online resources to anyone who wanted to join in on relevant conversations and topics. 

As part of these Zoom-based events, we were able to reconnect with one another, support each other, and stimulate discussion on leading in these challenging and very unique times.

  • Kindness in Difficult Times with Dr. Malone
  • Leading in Fearful Times with Dr. Zaplin
  • Fostering a Culture of Candor in Challenging Times with Dr. Wells
  • Developing the Courage to Act with Integrity with Bob Tobias
  • Trust: The Glue That Binds Organizational and Personal Performance with Dr. Rahaman
  • Employee Voice and Silence in Turbulent Times with Dr. Robinson
  • Resilience in Uncertainty with Angela Chiarenza
  • Passion Energizes! Being an Inspiring Leader in Times of Uncertainty with Vicki Kelsey
  • COVID-19: Driving Positive Change Through Adaptive Leadership with Antonio Rios
  • Leading from Center with Actionable Authenticity with Cathy Wright
  • Influencing Others: The Role of Ethics, Persuasion, Manipulation and Deception with James Eisenmann
  • Humor in the Workplace with Dr. Malone
  • Healthy Planning: Integrating Wellness and Employee Input into Your Strategy with Ted Kniker
  • Avoiding Burnout: How to More Strategically Delegate during Overwhelming Times with Meredith Persily Lamel
  • How to be a Catalyst for Positivity and Productivity with Kevin Zachery
  • Leadership Accountability: Do I really want to be accountable for leading others at the next level? Questions I should ask myself? with Bob Tobias

  • Are You a Character-based Leader or a Character in a Leadership Role? with Reginald Wells

  • Leading from Inherent Awareness with Dr. Ruth Zaplin

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Webinar Recordings

Full session descriptions are in the YouTube descriptions. Click here for the full archive with resources, presentation slides and more!

Kindness in Difficult Times

This session focuses on understanding how the concepts of kindness and gratitude can be used to harness our own intellectual and emotional skills to build better relationships, and stimulate individuals and teams to serve our public more effectively.

Fostering a Culture of Candor in Challenging Times

For many leaders, managing up and speaking truth to power is by far the hardest thing to do consistently. This talk will explore the reasons why leaders, especially those of us who lead in the public sector, must actively hone our courageous authenticity to an unambiguous, fine point. During times of crisis, it is easy to revert to one’s reactive leadership style as a defensive posture. We will explore why it is so important to live up to our creative leadership competencies.

Trust - Binding Organizational & Personal Performance

Trust influences whether team members interpret actions of their leaders and others as constructive or suspicious. In our interactive session, we will be exploring the role of trust in our organizations, how creating psychological safety sets the stage for building trust; how we can build trust with others and warning signs of a low trust organization and how to restore trust when its been lost.

Resilience in Uncertainty

Resilience is top of mind today as our world continues to shift in new ways. Join this webinar to reset and reconnect. You will leave with actionable steps to reset your day, shift your perspective, and build resilience.

Driving Positive Change Through Adaptive Leadership

Covid-19 has forced the global workforce to radically change its daily operations. Aside from the logistical challenges we all face as we try to adapt to this new environment, interpersonal exchanges with our peers and immediate staff are strained and require more effort. For those of us who are leading organizations through this crisis, having to lead from remote locations may pose a host of new leadership challenges.

Influencing Others

In this session we will look at the role of ethics, persuasion, manipulation, and deception in trying to influence others to accomplish an organization’s goals. There are many ways to get things accomplished. You can order. You can manipulate. You can deceive. You can persuade. This session will explore how to detect and neutralize manipulation and deception. We will also talk about how to ethically influence others to do what is in the best interests of the organization and to do it well.

Healthy Planning - Integrating Wellness & Employee Input

This presentation provides an overview of critical success factors needed for successful, simplified strategic planning that is both aspirational and actionable. Utilizing the successful process used in organizations ranging from Federal agencies to a senior living community, as case studies, and supplementing with other real-world examples, the presenter will engage the audience with how planning can improve organizational health through an inclusive, transparent process that integrates wellness throughout.

Leadership Accountability

When contemplating applying for a promotion, the first question I might ask myself is whether I want to hold myself accountable to invest the intellectual energy necessary to obtain the leadership skills I need to be successful, and invest the necessary emotional energy to acquire the level of personal development necessary to be successful at the next level?

Leading from Inherent Awareness

What if we could lead from an undisturbed, inherent awareness, outside of our natural “I, Me, and Mine” frame of reference? This talk explores this question and practices to help “uncondition” ourselves from our natural frame of reference and lead from inherent awareness.

Leading in Fearful Times

To try and make sense of the turmoil that is unfolding in today’s complex, fast-changing, and interconnected world, leaders, under stress, may fall into the shortcuts and instincts that allowed humans to survive a perilous but much simpler past. This talk will present common leader mindtraps and how to move beyond them in order to deal with fearful times more effectively.

Developing the Courage to Act with Integrity

We will be exploring how one might choose to develop their courage on a daily basis as they make choices to act with integrity. Few, if any of us, will be called to choose whether to stand up or stand down on a grand stage, but each of us is faced on a daily basis to choose whether to be uncomfortable or act with integrity. What conscious actions might we take to develop our courage muscle to prepare us to act with integrity?

Employee Voice & Silence in Turbulent Times

This webinar will focus on understanding why capturing employee voice and silence impact public sector agencies. Additionally, this talk will explore best practices to maximize voice, while minimizing silence, and what leaders can do to foster a voice culture within their agencies.

Passion Energizes! Being an Inspiring Leader

We’ve all experienced significant changes in our world in recent months. Intuitively you understand that shifts to leadership style are needed and employees are looking to you for inspiration in this VUCA world. One place to begin is to look at yourself and analyze your own passion. No one has ever been inspired by a leader who is not passionate. Passion - and the lack of - is contagious. It energizes! If you want to have a resilient, inspired workforce, it begins with you: the leader.

Leading from Center with Actionable Authenticity

Successful leaders are not merely those who effectively galvanize themselves and/or their teams to achieve stellar results, rather they are individuals who are powerfully self-aware and steadfastly focused on their higher purpose. This hands-on, highly interactive session will provide participants with tools to create Actionable Authenticity™, a deliberate process for finding and maintaining a centered approach to leadership and life.

Humor in the Workplace

From physical and emotional benefits, all the way to mission accomplishment, humor can be one of the most effective parts of our leadership. This session will engage attendees with the latest science supporting laughter and the impact it can have on our organizations and those we lead. And yes, there will be jokes.

How to be a Catalyst for Positivity & Productivity

Using lessons learned from neuroscience and cognitive psychology research, Kevin will describe a performance methodology that will give people insights on how to be a catalyst for more positive, effective, and productive behaviors for themselves and for the people around them.

Are You a Character-Based Leader?

High character is not something we are born into, but something we intentionally develop and aspire to. Character is hard to define and boils down to attributes, behaviors, and actions. In this session, we will explore what exemplars of high character look like and answer some questions pertinent to leaders.