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Personalize Your Room


MyFridgeRental offers a MicroFridge combination that includes a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave all in one unit. Using a one-plug system, this unit does not monopolize your outlets and provides plenty of storage space for your snacks and drinks. The unit is placed directly into your room and is ready to be plugged in upon your arrival. Microwaves and freezers cannot be used in residence hall rooms unless purchased through this vendor as part of a microfridge unit. Individual refrigerators are also available.


MyFridgeRental offers a digital lockbox for all of your personal items you would like to keep extra secured and protected. It has the following:

• Keypad allows access with personal code
• Large storage capacity easily fits larger laptop models and many other items
• Heavy duty steel construction and fully motorized with two locking bolts
• Electronic operation with LED display
• Internal light automatically activates when door opens to find items with ease
• Cable lock included to securely attach to a bed frame or other stationary object
• Low battery warning indicator

MyFridgeRental (301-758-7967)

Bed Lofts & Preconfigured Height Adjustments

Bed lofts provide approximately four to five feet of additional space under your bed, which allows for extra storage or a nook for your desk and can be purchased in your AU Housing Portal. Students placed into temporary triples for the fall semester should not rent a loft, as one will be provided. This service is unavailable for Cassell Hall, Frequency Apartments and Nebraska Apartments. Students cannot bring or build their own loft.

  • American University mattresses are twin-sized mattresses that measure 80 inches in length. Our twin XL mattresses measure 84 inches long. 

Any loft purchase made following August 1 for Fall 2023 or January 1 for Spring 2024 will not be delivered in room before move-in for that semester. During the semester, bed loft purchases will be installed in the order they are received and, usually, no later than one week following the purchase completion date. If you are submitting a request mid-semester, please keep in mind that refunds are not offered for loft removals after the installation is completed. All cancellation requests must be submitted via email to HRL (

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are located in each residence hall and students can pay for laundry using EagleBucks. Additionally, the Speed Queen mobile app allows students to check the availability of washers and dryers in a specific laundry room, pay for a washer or dryer from their phone, and receive updates when their laundry is complete.

UPS Storage

The on-campus UPS Store offers a variety of storage options for students over the summer, studying abroad or other periods you may need. Visit their website to learn more about your available options.