Support Services

As an American University student, you have access to many support services. ISSS can help refer you to those services if you are unsure how to approach them or we can talk to you first, making sure you are receiving the best support available for your situation. ISSS staff can also help you communicate with support services if you encounter cultural or language barriers.

Academic Support & Access Center

The Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) supports student success by providing academic support services, including academic coaching and tutoring, as well as disability support services. 


Center for Well-Being Programs & Psychological Services

The Well-Being Center provides counseling services and wellness-related support, including individual and group therapy, victim/survivor advocacy services, crisis intervention, alcohol and other drug education, consultations, and other programming.


Well-Being Center

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is AU's central resource for help with personal challenges that impact academic success. Visit their webpage to learn how they assist students with a range of issues. 

Dean of Students

Academic Advising

Academic advisors can help you navigate academic concerns, including course registration and graduation progress. ISSS works closely with academic advisors to ensure that international students are in compliance with academic policies and federal regulations. Use this link to find your school-specific advising teams.

Find My Advisor

More Support Services

You'll find a wide range of support services at AU — including the Student Health Center, on-campus and off-campus housing information, The Market food pantry, and more. Here's a page with many resources!

Support Services

Getting Involved

At AU, involvement isn't an after-thought. It's how students build skills, make change, and find space to relax and connect. Here's where to find offices that support students in exploring interests and creating opportunities to make the most of life at AU.

Getting Involved