FSL Expansion/Extension (coming soon)
FSL's standards and procedures on expansion or extension outlines the process for organizations to have a provisional chapter on campus.
FSL Recognition
To be recognized at AU and in FSL, organizations must abide by these standards and procedures.
FSL Recruitment, Intake, and New Member Education
Recruitment, informational sessions, and new member education standards and procedures for FSL organizations.
Interfraternity Council (IFC) Constitution
The governing document for the IFC and it's members organizations.
Intercultural Greek Collective (IGC) Constitution
The governing document for the IGC and it's members organizations.
Panhellenic Council (PHC) Constitution
The governing document for the PHC and it's members organizations.



Form Description

FSL Recruitment/Intake Packet
This packet is for organizations under the Intercultural Greek Collective (IGC) for their intent to conduct any recruitment or intake processes.
FSL Anti-Hazing and Grade Release Form
This form is required for chapters if they would like to see individual members' academic information including semester GPA, cumulative GPA, and academic standing/status.
FSL Status Change Form
In order for a member to be removed from your roster, this form will need to be filled out. This form must include documentation to prove the members' status has been changed.