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Student Activity Council

The Student Activity Council (SAC) is the student-run governing body for programming with the aim of creating an inclusive and diverse environment that offers a wide range of activities and events to enhance the student experience at American University. Our mission is to foster a sense of community and belonging by providing opportunities for social interaction, personal growth, and cultural enrichment.


Alexis Fuentes is the Assistant Director of Program Initiatives in the Center for Student Involvement. As part of his role, he advises the Student Activity Council. 

Office: MGC 271

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The Kennedy Political Union (KPU) is the non-partisan political programming board at AU. They bring relevant and impactful speakers, engaging the AU community on vital issues across the political spectrum.

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Students for Change (SFC) helps coordinate and advise on programming and policy decisions that affect the marginalized AU community, emphasizing intersectionality and inclusivity.

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Student Union Board (SUB) is the entertainment bureau on campus that strives to bring artists, actors, and other creatives to campus who embody the values of the AU community.

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Spirit & Traditions Board (STB) puts on events that unite a diverse student body and celebrate the many great students that make AU what it is today, building a sense of pride and belonging. 

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