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Use the tools and resources on this page to assist your club with club operations, organization, transition, and so much more. On this page you will find the most up-to-date documents and resources you need for your student club.  

CSI Club Orientation

Want to know more about how to effectively run your student organization? Then check out our latest Club Orientation. This gives in-depth highlights of the policies, procedures, and best practices for club leaders on behalf of the Center for Student Involvement. 

Forms and Documents Use these quick links to find the forms you need

Access the complete list of forms on Enage

See all of CSI's Documents Below: 

CSI Recognized Student Organization Manual: Your one-stop shop for all things CSI! Not sure who your CSI advisor is? Interested in hosting a complex event? Looking to purchase items for your club? This 25-page manual has everything you need to run your organization. It’s a lot of information, so be sure to take the time to review.

Complex Event Timeline: Looking to host an event off-campus? Or looking to bring a guest onto campus? This graphic explains where to start and how far in advance to prepare in order to experience a smooth and successful event.

Community Building Initiative (Simple Event) Timeline: This graphic explains how to plan a community-building initiative, also known as a simple event.

Here are some key forms for quick access: 

Event Submission Form. You can access this form when you create an event on your organization's page. Go to the manage organization tab and then click on the hamburger drop-down and press events. Then click Create Event. Use this for ALL Events outside general body meetings. 

Event Attendance Form. Remember all in-person initiatives must follow AU Health and Safety Guidelines and CSI Event Guidelines. Please remember to use the Campus Labs Check-In App to keep track of attendance or complete the Club/Organization Event Attendance Form on Engage

2Fix Request Form. Visit the 2Fix Customer Response Center to access the 2Fix Request form. 2Fix stands for "To Fix and Repair", and refers to the Facilities Customer Response Center 202.885.2349. It is the main telephone extension (x2349) to reach the Facilities Management department. You may also visit our 2Fix FAQ page for more information.

American University Police Special Event Request Form. Student Organizations must submit a Special Event Security Request with the University Police. You can find the request form by visiting AUPD web page and clicking  Services, search for Special Event Security Request link. University Police will review requests for security and assign police officers and non-sworn event staff as it deems necessary to the event. Departments, staff, and student organizations requiring special event security arrangements must submit a request at least two weeks in advance of the event. If the request form is NOT SUBMITTED 14 days in advance of your event, Public Safety reserves that right to charge the organization $50 per hour, per officer at a minimum of 3 hours for each officer assigned. Visit the 

Student Club Travel. Recognized student organizations planning travel must submit the Travel Itinerary Request Form. In addition, student clubs much submit the Student Group Domestic Travel Form and Traveler Waiver form through Risk Management and Safety Services.

Couldn't find the answer to your question? Email us at

Recognized student organizations planning travel must submit the Travel Itinerary Request Form. In addition, student clubs much submit the Student Group Domestic Travel Form and Traveler Waiver form through Risk Management and Safety Services.

Do and Don’ts for Student Organization Travel

  • Student Organization travel is only domestic.
  • CSI does not cover flights/airline tickets.
  • Reimbursement for travel follow standard CSI policy. NO Reimbursement. *
  • For car rental, at least one person traveling must be over the age of 21.
    • Tolls must be paid for through rental car charges. There will no be reimbursement for tolls. Work with CSI Finance team to work out details.
    • You cannot use funds to pay for gas. You may opt-in to the pre-pay for fuel option. Meaning you do not have to fuel up the vehicle before returning.  

*Discuss with your CSI Advisor.

Note: Until further notice these are the Covid Health and Safety guidelines and best practices for student organization travel:

  • Student organizations are required to have an AU faculty/staff member only if they’re traveling to a location that is considered a high risk for exposure.  Organizations will be notified after the initial assessment of your forms if your location is considered high risk.
    • A faculty/staff advisor must travel with the team to provide support in case of a health or safety emergency and to ensure compliance with all health and safety guidelines. This is not required to be your advisor of record but must be an employee of American University and must state in writing that they are able to be away from campus for an extended period should they either test positive for Covid during travel or need to stay behind to support quarantining students.
  • Groups are required to detail a plan for academic continuity.
    • Classes come first. Missing classes because you must isolate in another state/city for an extracurricular activity can hurt your academics. Articulate a plan with all travelers in case they must isolate i.e. talk to professors and classmate about getting the work you will miss.
  • Documentation must be provided of financial accounts that have the funds to cover the costs of lodging or individual (e.g., rental car) travel home if necessary for students who test positive for Covid while on travel.
    • An appropriate number of rooms must be secured to allow students to sleep two per room (or no more than one per bed as the room can accommodate). This can be achieved by securing more rooms or reducing the size of the group traveling. Sleeping in small quarters with more students per bed/room introduces extra risk when considering a respiratory virus.

Zoom Meetings

  • The university has purchased a zoom license that is now available to you as leaders of student organizations. Use your AU credentials to login here: 

  • A few things to keep in mind to ensure you and your members have a safe, positive experience:

    • You can host up to 300 participants in your meeting or event
    • If you schedule an event and are hoping for selective participation, configure some of the privacy settings in Zoom, such as:
      • Requiring registration
      • Enable Waiting Room
    • Both phone or computer audio are an option, however you can force one or the other when setting up your meeting
    • If you are hosting an event, you may want to enable the option to mute participants on entry when setting up your meeting
  • Zoom Tutorials: Zoom Video Tutorials

  • General and E-Board Meetings TIPS:
    • Keep meetigs short. Zoom fatigue is real. It is important to not meet to meet. We all have online classes, study groups, and Zoom parties to get use to. Make your meetings short, simple and fun. 
      • Tips on a well-run meetings:
        1. Plan out the meeting before time. Know what you are going to say and do before you enter the meetings. 
        2. Send out a brief agenda so everyone can come prepared to contribute. 
        3. Create a document or PowerPoint and share your screen. Research shows people lose interest faster when they are just staring at faces in boxes. Try presenting the meeting rather than just speaking to your members. Add your club logo to make it official! 
        4. Add more voices. Change it up. Make sure other E-Board and members are able to speak. 
        5. Don't meet to meet. Create a group chat on any platform to communicate meetings have been cancelled. And don't underestimate "paper" or email meetings, they can be just as affect if there isn't much to share. 
      • No matter what you do. Communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!
  • Follow this link for Engage Tutorial videos
  • Events
    • Create event pages for your online/virtual events you're having
  • Elections
    • If your organization(s) are doing end of the year elections, you can use Campuslabs/Engage! 

    • Follow the instructions here: Engage Elections
    • For questions about how to create your own, contact us at
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