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Alternative Break Programs

Current Alternative Breaks (23-24)

The Alternative Break Program, a student-driven initiative, arranges immersive learning experiences with a social justice focus throughout the academic breaks. Strong student leaders play a pivotal role in identifying and spotlighting justice topics for the campus community. They are empowered to propose, develop, and implement travel programming infused with service-learning principles grounded in solidarity and justice.

Through thoughtful dialogues, direct service, and impactful education on crucial global and domestic social issues, students will exchange, evaluate, and actively pursue diverse ideas and approaches that question specific social, political, and economic structures. Collaborating directly with community partners in service projects will illustrate how students can translate their learning into community-centered, ethical, and sustainable action and activism. Participants will be equipped to engage with communities through pre-departure training, discussions, guest speakers, service initiatives, and other activities.

Alternative Break Programs are immersive service-learning experiences crafted to raise participants' awareness of vital social issues, foster personal growth, and equip them for a lifetime of meaningful social action.

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2023-2024 Programs

Reproductive and Sexual Education

Winter Program: New Orleans

Explore the current state of sex education in Louisiana, including healthy relationships, decision-making, gender identity, reproductive health, and STIs, as well as its daily impact on youth.

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Understanding the Impact of Venezuelan Mass Migration in Col

Spring Program: Colombia

Understand the impact of Venezuelan migration in Colombia, engage with partners and migrants, assess integration, and reflect on US immigration parallels.

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Youth Empowerment & Sustainable Community Development

Spring Program: Honduras

Building resilient, equitable communities through youth leadership, mentorship, and community-led advocacy in DC and Honduras.


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Equity & Access to Higher Education

Spring Program: Ghana

Examining the impact of colonial legacies on higher education, fostering conversations and connections to explore social justice in local communities.

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The Intersections of Gentrification, Education Disparities,

Summer: New York City, New York  

Examine the history of educational disparities, gentrification in housing and neighborhoods, and their impacts on incarceration rates among youths most affected by gaps in education and displacement.

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