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Current Trustees by Class

According to the American University Bylaws (Article III, Section 2), Trustees other than ex officio members and members described in Section 5 of this Article III shall be divided into three approximately equal classes. Each year, one of the classes shall go out of office and successors be elected.

Class of 2024

Michael Balmuth
Gaurdie Banister Jr.
Stephanie M. Bennett-Smith
Wesley G. Bush
Jack C. Cassell
Mehdi Heravi
Margery Kraus
Betsy A. Mangone
Korey Neal Sr.
Maria Otero
Jeffrey A. Sine

Class of 2025

Janice Menke Abraham
Gina F. Adams
Pamela M. Deese
Marc N. Duber
Michael W. Kempner
Gerald Bruce Lee
Alan L. Meltzer
Matthew S. Pittinsky

Class of 2026

Sally Amoruso
Hani M.S. Farsi
Charles H. Lydecker
Fernando Lewis Navarro

Ex-Officio Trustees

Sylvia M. Burwell
The president of American University holds a non-voting ex-officio seat on the Board.

Reverend Greg Bergquist
The general secretary of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church holds an ex-officio seat on the Board.

Bishop LaTrelle Easterling
The bishop of the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church holds an ex-officio seat on the Board.

Lilian Baeza-Mendoza (2022-2024); Thomas W. Merrill (2023-2025)
Two trustees shall be full-time members of the University faculty nominated by the Trusteeship Committee submitted to such Committee by the Chair of the Faculty Senate.

Student Trustee & Student Trustee-Elect

Jehane Djedjro (Trustee, 2023-2024); Angela Chen (Student Trustee-Elect, 2023-2024)
One full-time University student will hold a non-voting position on the Board, nominated by the Trusteeship Committee from among one or more candidates submitted to the Board by the University's undergraduate Student Government, the Washington College of Law Student Bar Association and the University's Graduate Leadership Council. During the first year, the Student Trustee-Elect attends meetings of the Board of Trustees as an observer. During the second year and subject to a vote of the Board of Trustees, the Student Trustee-Elect becomes the Student Trustee and serves as a regular member of the Board of Trustees for purposes of meetings, committee participation, and other general obligations of trusteeship, excpt for the power to vote.

Updated September 2023