Search Committee

Committee Members

  • Marc Duber (Kogod/BS ’81), Trustee; Search Committee Chair
  • Janice Menke Abraham (SIS/BA ’79), Trustee; Search Committee Vice-Chair
  • Ajay Adhikari, Faculty, Kogod School of Business
  • Gina Adams (SPA/BS ’80), Trustee; Board Chair
  • Lilian Baeza-Mendoza, Faculty Trustee; Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Gaurdie Banister, Trustee
  • Jack Cassell (SOC/BA ‘77), Trustee; Board Chair Emeritus
  • Jehane Djedro (SIS/BA ‘24), Student; Student Trustee
  • Lia Epperson, Faculty, Washington College of Law
  • Monica Jackson, Deputy Provost and Dean of Faculty; Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Charlie Lydecker (SPA/BA ‘85), Trustee; Board Vice-Chair
  • Maria Otero, Trustee
  • Carolyn Parker, Faculty, School of Education
  • Matt Pittinsky (SPA/BA ‘94), Trustee
  • LaTanya Sothern (SOC/BA ’92), Alumni Association President
  • Jennifer Tether (SIS/MIS), Assoc. Dir., Key Operations & Strategic Comm., School of Public Affairs; Staff Council Chair

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